Who We Are

We are the families, guardians or conservators of On My Own members.  We’re called the “Voting Members Association” because each member of On My Own is represented by one vote.

Our Governance Responsibilities

The by-laws of the agency entrust us with the following responsibilities for the organization:

  • We maintain the by-laws for the agency
  • We elect the members of the Board of Trustees; three of whom are VMA members.
  • We establish membership dues, service and other fund raising requirements for the voting members

Our Support of the Agency

We work to strengthen On My Own through the following activities:

  • Volunteer at On My Own functions and support the organization with available skills
  • Spread the word to other special needs families
  • Connect with others (businesses or friends) who can provide volunteer, educational or financial support to the agency
  • Serve on various committees to support the organization
  • Assist with acclimation of new families – as requested by the agency staff
  • Support each other as we help our special needs person create an independent life for him/herself


  • We currently meet 3-4 times annually – typically in the On My Own office
  • In addition to carrying out the business of the VMA, we have social events, invite speakers or host discussions on topics of interest


  •  Each family is assessed $25 annually in support of VMA activities


Officers serve two year terms and are elected each October.