Each month, On My Own provides support to members like Chris.

It’s because of your generous support that we’re able to help Chris live the life of his dreams.  And today, we’re inviting you to join a new group of special supporters, our Dream Builders, to help us grow and help even more members realize their dreams.

When you sign up to be a Dream Builder and donate monthly, you will have an enormous positive impact on the lives of our members.

For just $10 per month – the cost of one lunch, On My Own can provide a week of 24/7 emergency care for a member.

For just $20 per month – the cost of a night at the movies, we can provide a member with a skill-building workshop or social outing.

And for $61 per month ($1 for each member) we can provide a week of one-on-one support to one member.

We depend on donations to make sure we can provide these valuable services to our members each month. Will you continue to support our members by joining the Dream Builders?

It’s easy to become a Dream Builder today!

  • Call us (248 649 3739 ext. 221 or 223) with your credit card number and we will charge your card each month (this is the easiest option), or
  • Set up a recurring donation on our website (instructions below), or
  • Set up a recurring payment through your bank.

Sign up for a recurring donation here.  Use the drop down menu to select your donation amount. When you reach the last page for checkout, and scroll down to the gray shaded box, you will have the opportunity to select recurring payment.  From the drop down menu, please select “monthly” and indicate the amount of months (i.e. 12 months).  (Sorry this is so confusing – we’re working on changing that!  Feel free to call us with your credit card number if this is too much for you!  248 649 3739 ext. 221 or 223)

Thank you! We look forward to sharing how your generosity impacts our members’ lives.

P.S.  When you join the Dream Builders by June 25, you will be entered into a drawing to win a year of free flowers or plants from English Gardens.