Grace has plenty to be excited about. She just landed her dream job at Hollywood Market in Birmingham, Michigan.  She’s finishing her second year as a member of On My Own of Michigan, and in the not-too-distant future, she looks forward to having her own apartment.

All this can be a little scary, Grace admitted, especially the part about moving into her own apartment. But it’s also a little exciting, she said.

Grace’s mother, Cathy, shares her daughter’s embrace of change, even if it brings a bit of anxiety to both of them.

“Grace moving away from home will take some getting used to,” Cathy said. “But I know I have to let go.  Grace is learning to be independent at On My Own and that’s important.  She has her own bank account now, and writes her own checks.  She’s learned to cook and do her own laundry.  She even made me pancakes for Mother’s Day. The OMO program has changed Grace’s life.”

Grace takes pride in the high school diploma she earned before joining OMO. Now she looks forward to building on this accomplishment.  To do this, for example, she is in an OMO yoga class and is working on her physical fitness.

“I love it,” she said of her new life. “OMO has helped me become more outgoing.  “I have friends at On My Own.  And now I have a job.”

Cathy thinks she and Grace are lucky to have discovered On My Own of Michigan. She heard about the program from a colleague at the insurance company where she works.  Now, Cathy said, she wants more people to know about On My Own.

“They’ve helped Grace move beyond her immediate family,” Cathy said. “She has friends now that she didn’t have before.  She’s learning new skills.  We’re all very happy about that.”

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Profile written by Dan Koger, as part of the Harry Lebovitz Fund.