• Components
  • Customized, one-on-one staff support
  • Emergency Paging – 24/7 answer & response
  • Classes
  • Social/Recreational Activities
  • Goals
  • Improve independent living skills for successful integration into the community
  • Teach problem-solving and goal-setting
  • Provide programs for responsible interpersonal relationships
  • Increase self-esteem through positive and successful experiences

On My Own of Michigan’s Apartment Living Program is the doorway to independence for those members who are preparing to live independently in the community.

The basic design of the Apartment Living Program ensures that the participants will be expected to maintain good housekeeping habits, healthy diets and the skills necessary for living with a roommate. All aspects of the program are individually supervised by our Support Coordinators.

The Support Coordinator oversees many areas of each member’s life, such as bill paying, working out a shopping budget, and issues with roommates and/or friends. The Support Coordinator works with several members at the same time yet provides customized, one-on-one support depending on each individual’s needs. Each one of our Support Coordinators are available to provide support, insight and counseling.