Our skill-building program is designed to help you develop and refine your independent living skills, as well as build peer relationships and support networks.

Members come to the skill-building program at many different places on the journey to independent living. Some join us to begin learning and practicing the skills necessary to live in an apartment, while others stay with us to have a continual tune-up on the independent living and social skills they’ve learned while living on their own. Ultimately, we hope that most of our skill-building members are ready to make the transition to independent living within 18 months of joining our program.

As a member of our skill-building program, you have unlimited access to classes that focus on developing, practicing and mastering personal care, financial, apartment living, employment, transportation, leisure, and civic life activities; weekly social opportunities; free outings to local museums, sporting events and arts and culture activities; a peer mentor; independent living transition support; and caregiver classes and social opportunities.

Some activities have a limited number of member spaces available, as outlined in the registration book that is distributed at least quarterly by email.  Registration for activities is confirmed on a first come, first served basis, and you’re welcome to sign up for as many classes and outings as you wish.

As part of the skill-building program, you’ll also be assessed by our program team every six months to determine your areas of strength and areas needing a bit of improvement. These short assessments, in the form of a checklist, will allow us to better understand where you are on the road to independence as well as to more accurately target our class and outing offerings to meet your needs.

Skill-Building Class Schedule for July-August, 2019

Skill-Building Class Schedule for May-June, 2019

Skill Building Class Schedule for March-April, 2019

Skill Building Class Schedule for January-February, 2019



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