Dave is an energetic, humorous guy. He loves telling jokes to make his friends and family laugh. It is hard to believe that at one time he was new to On My Own and hardly knew anyone. Dave quickly learned that On My Own was a place he could be himself, have fun, and learn something new.

Dave was especially happy to learn that On My Own has its own bowling class. He immediately signed up, and has joined every year since! He enjoys everything the bowling class offers; the fun and a sense of community. In addition to the “fun”, On My Own recognizes that the bowling class teaches appropriate behaviors in a social setting, good sportsmanship, leadership skills, and creates a team spirit.

Dave often participates in the group trips offered at On My Own of Michigan.  Twice a year, On My Own member and staff travel.  These trips have become an adventure of their own! With staff supervision, members learn the ropes of airline travel, mass transit, and the art of sharing hotel rooms. The trips also offer opportunities to experience different cultures and to broaden their horizons.

Dave has made many friends at On My Own, and enjoys spending time with them. When not working at Macy’s David can be found socializing with his friends, and having fun.