If you ask Drew what his disability is, he’ll tell you “I’m left handed”. Drew has autism, and just like every parent, his parents decided they were going to give him the best life they could.

Drew is able to write his own checks and balance his checkbook, do his own grocery list and shop for the items needed, prepare his own meals and pack his lunch… his specialty is chicken fajitas, all this while working 5 days a week. He walks every day to do banking and shopping as well as going out to lunch on weekends. He is able to always stay within his budget.

He loves bowling with On My Own and is ranked with the third highest average. He also loves the classes, outings, and vacations made available to members. The director of Special Education in Bloomfield has called Drew one of the districts true success stories, due partially to On My Own.

With the dedication of his family and the support from On My Own’s structured program, Drew is living his dream.