Many years ago, Kristin’s parents never thought their daughter would be living independently and be surrounded by friends. Kristin was born with Down syndrome.  However, when Kristin was 27 and had aged out of the post-secondary program at her high school, her parents were looking for something more. They found On My Own of Michigan.

When Kristin first joined On My Own, she participated in the Skill-Building Program where she quickly made friends and learned important daily living skills. She moved into her own apartment in 1998.  Kristin and her roommate host a Craft Club weekly for their friends to come over and work on their crafts, have a snack and chat.  Kristin lives a full life independently, yet she need some support which she receives from On My Own of Michigan (and her family).  Her Support Coordinator helps her with budgeting, money management, healthy eating, and conflict resolution.

Kristin’s mother says “On My Own is a perfect fit for Kristin!  She is able to have friends with whom she can easily interact. The location for the apartments couldn’t be better for proximity to a fine shopping area and to our home.” Her mother continues “We also like that Kristin is integrated in the apartment complex, not living in one building with only On My Own members.