“I grew up in Missouri living with my family. Then I moved into a group home in Mississippi when I was in my twenties.  After several years, I wanted to move to Michigan to follow my parents and younger sister. I lived with my parents for a little bit and then moved into Somerset Park Apartments with a roommate.  That was many years ago.

In the years at On My Own, Vicki has embraced her independence and uses each day as a learning experience as she continues to strive to be the best that she can be. Seeing her determination to achieve the goals she sets for herself is truly inspiring.

Vicki has the tools, the support, and the confidence to live her own life, every day. She decides what activities she wants to do, what groups she wants to be involved with, how she will be able to get there, and then goes after it.  Vicki has friends that she enjoys being with, and she knows that, if she needs help, the staff is there to support her.