Take a minute to think about the things in your life that make you happy.

The things no amount of money can replace because of the joy they bring you. Maybe it’s the memory of a trip, the new car you bought last summer or the people you choose to surround yourself with every day.

Our members at On My Own of Michigan often think about what makes them happy:

“I’m grateful to have learned how to do my own laundry.”

“Before OMO, I only used my microwave. Now, I’m able to cook all my meals.”

“I’m thankful to finally have friends and feel like I belong.”

“I’m so happy to be a part of a team.”

“I’m proud to be in my own apartment and take care of it without help.”

The members of On My Own of Michigan are grateful for being given the opportunity to grow their independence and live the life of their dreams.

When you donate to On My Own of Michigan, you help make their dreams come true.

We’re thrilled that we’ve reached our goal of raising $1500 to fund the support of our 60 members for one day!  But as you know we don’t just support our members one day a year.  Please consider making a donation of $74 today to help support our members and their dreams.