Becky has always been very close to her parents. Throughout her childhood, they taught her many skills and gave her plenty of support. But, as Becky got older, she dreamed of having a steady job and a place to call her own. When Becky and her parents heard about On My Own, they looked into the program to determine if Becky could learn the skills necessary to be independent. At first, Becky was nervous as she was in a different city and meeting new people. However, after a short time, she felt comfortable and knew she belonged.

As Becky worked with our staff, she gained confidence and developed the skills necessary to be independent. Becky now writes her own checks, balances her checkbook, maintains her apartment, cooks regularly, and follows a budget. These skills have helped her to have a life that is all her own. Becky works at Big Boy and enjoys spending time with friends and cheering on Detroit’s sports teams. “I am lucky to have so many friends, and people who care about me” said Becky.

Becky models our work well: she's been given the opportunity, experience and appropriate supports that have allowed her to become an independent, confident, and active member of her community.